What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction (or ED or impotence) is a common condition that affects a man’s ability to achieve or maintain an erection during sex. Studies show by the age of 50, almost 50% of men have experienced a sexual performance issue and that number increases by 10% for each decade a man ages. 

Who suffers from Erectile Dysfunction?


Though more typical in men age 40 and older, ED can manifest in a man of any age.  Male arousal is a complicated system requiring multiple factors to work together.  Sexual situations can be affected by hormones, the nervous system, cardiovascular system, or even emotional factors so experiencing erectile dysfunction at some point is not uncommon for most-if not all- men at some point


ED Can Be Treated


Erectile dysfunction can be effectively treated around 90% of the time so waiting for treatment is not necessary and can affect a mans emotional health, relationships, or self esteem.  We are confident we can help you reach optimal sexual performance.



What are the Signs and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?


man suffering from ED may experience the following:

  • Trouble getting an erection

  • Trouble maintaining an erection

  • Lack of or reduced sexual desire


ED can manifest for many reasons from the basic (drank too much) to something complex such as systemic vascular disease, so it is recommended that men suffering from ED could see a health care professional for treatment. 


How is Erectile Dysfunction Treated and What are the Potential Side Effects?

Due to the many causes of  Erectile Dysfunction, there are also a range of treatment options offered. Some treatments are simple and direct, including medications or stress management, while others are more complicated.   At Ageless Aesthetics and Wellness, we work to identify the most comfortable, immediate sources of relief for Erectile Dysfunction while also coordinating care when a more comprehensive health plan is needed.

Here are some treatment options to consider:

  • Oral/Sublingual Medications

  • Vacuum Therapy  

  • Injection Therapy – P-Shot


Because of the different options available, side effects will vary. Please discuss with our medical providers for the best treatment option for you.

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