What is Microblading?

Phibrows Microblading is a manual "hand" method of permanent cosmetics for your eyebrows which creates extremely fine natural looking hair strokes. The results? Perfectly natural looking, thick, full brows.


How long does Microblading last?


Depending on your skin type and care, the pigment will fade slowly over 18-24 months.



How does it work?


The pigment is applied with a specific Phibrows tool that has a row of several fine needles to create thin hair like marks in the skin. Your artist will choose needles and the blade type according to the technique and the skin type. The pigment is bladed just below the epidermis and the most shallow part of the dermis, making extremely fine natural looking hair strokes. A very natural result is achieved, as the hairs are bladed into the skin according to the natural hair growth direction.

How much will it be?

We break up the pricing to make Microblading more economical. The cost is $550; $300 the first session and $250 the second session.  


Are there any pre-existing conditions that interfere with consideration for a Microblading treatment?


• Pregnancy

• Breastfeeding (treatment is possible, though anesthetic will not be possible)

• On keloids or if you have tendency to keloid, birthmarks or moles.

• Diabetic.

• Serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders (doctor's note is required)

• Circulatory disorders (doctor's note is required)

• Any bleeding disorders (doctor's note is required)

• You're taking blood thinning medication

• Currently on Accutane or other strong retinoids (must wait until 6 months after treatment ends)

• If any skin diseases symptoms or irritation appears on the area.

• You've recently had Botox or Disport treatment (must wait 2 weeks)

• Old Permanent Makeup

• If you have a sunburn. 

• After waxing (must wait 3 days)

• After chemical peels (must wait two weeks)

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