The Many Benefits of All-Natural Salt Therapy That You May Not Know About

Nearly everyone knows that eating a low-sodium diet is important for maintaining a healthy blood pressure, but did you know actually breathing in sodium in the form of mineral-rich salt could actually improve your health? Salt therapy isn’t exactly new; it’s been used for decades to help relieve the symptoms of eczema, and people have been bathing in the salt-rich Dead Sea for centuries to soak up its benefits. We know salt is great for your skin, but what about the rest of your body?

As it turns out, you can enjoy considerable health benefits by breathing in salt-infused air. In Europe, the practice of inhaled salt therapy gained popularity back in the 1800s, when workers in Polish salt mines were found to have far fewer respiratory problems compared to their peers. Since the salt was found in caves, the treatment became known as speleotherapy. That’s a bit of the history of salt therapy. Now here’s how it works.

Benefits and uses of salt therapy

In salt therapy, a special machine called a halogenerator grinds up Dead Sea salt into a super-fine powder. The powder is infused into the air in a special salt room. During therapy, you’ll sit and relax, breathing in the air normally throughout your session.

At Ageless Aesthetics and Salt Lounge, we use salt therapy to treat an array of respiratory ailments, including:

Plus, we can use the therapy to improve the symptoms of eczema and treat and prevent chronic ear infections as well.

Sodium plays an important role in cellular health. Tiny sodium channels “built in” to the cell walls open and close to help cells function the way they’re supposed to. Sodium also works with nerve cells to improve nerve signaling. In salt therapy, pure sodium chloride microparticles bind with toxins and germs inside your respiratory tract and the Eustachian tubes inside your ears, helping your body eliminate them. At the same time, salt therapy helps reduce inflammation, opening your airways, and helping them get rid of pollutants and other airborne particulate matter that can cause disease or interfere with normal breathing.

What to expect during and after your treatment

All you need to do during salt therapy is relax and breathe. The therapy is great for the salt benefits, but it can also provide you with an opportunity to rest, unwind and even meditate. Therapy is performed in a special salt lounge while you lie back in a comfy recliner. During your session, you can read, nap, check emails or listen to music. The walls and floors of the lounge are lined with thick layers of salt, creating an almost completely sterile environment with health benefits literally built in.

During your 45-minute session, you’ll breathe deeply of the circulated, fresh air, allowing the salt to reach the deeper tissues in your lungs where it will dissolve mucus, toxins and bacteria for better health. If you’re having therapy for eczema or a similar skin condition, wearing a bathing suit during your therapy can help your skin absorb the salt more effectively. To preserve the relaxing environment, no phone calls are allowed during your therapy, and it’s probably a good idea to keep your phone in a pocket or a bag to prevent exposing it to the salt air.

After your therapy session, you’ll be free to go on your way. Depending on why you’re having therapy, you could notice benefits right away or soon afterward. While one therapy session may be effective for certain people, those with chronic conditions like asthma, eczema or COPD typically benefit most from a series of twice-weekly treatments for six to eight weeks. Others have salt therapy on a routine basis to detox and relieve stress. Our team will develop a salt therapy regimen that’s ideal for your needs and goals.

Find out how salt therapy can help you

Salt therapy can have wide-ranging benefits for your health, from improving respiratory and skin ailments to reducing stress, headaches and sleep problems. Plus, regular salt therapy can provide your immune, nervous and lymphatic systems with the support they need for optimal function. To learn how salt therapy at Ageless Aesthetics and Salt Lounge can help you enjoy better health, book an appointment online today.

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