Remedy Brown Spots and Other Summer Skin Damage With a Chemical Peel

After a winter cooped up indoors under artificial lights, who can blame you if you ran outdoors without an SPF once the summer sun warmed up the sky? Even if you tried to remember to apply your sunscreen every two hours, and after swimming or sweating, sometimes you forgot. Or just didn’t apply enough.

Whether the wrinkles, lines, and patches of tan or brown you see on your face today developed this summer or are a result of sun damage from long ago, you’re faced with two problems: 1) how to prevent more sun damage and 2) how to get rid of the sun damage you already have.

At Ageless Aesthetics and Salt Lounge, we have solutions for both dilemmas. Because we’re Indiana’s flagship store for the state-of-the-art SkinCeuticals®️ line of medical-grade chemical peels, skin care, and sun protection, you get the treatments and products you want whenever you need them.

What kind of chemical peel do you need? Your Ageless Aesthetics professional chooses the right strength and ingredients based on the quality of your skin, your own sensitivities, and where you fall on the Fitzpatrick scale of skin types.

How chemical peels work

While you may already know that chemical peels remove at least the superficial layer of your skin (a light peel), and may reach to deeper layers (medium to strong peels), you may not realize that peeling is a much more efficient method of exfoliation than mechanical methods.

While exfoliating treatments, including brushing, also dislodge and remove dead, dulling skin cells, chemical peels work to dissolve the bonds that make the old cells adhere to your skin. Released from these bonds by the acids in the peels, the old, dead cells are easily swept away.

Each medical-grade SkinCeuticals chemical peel formulation is slightly different. Your peel may contain one or more of the following acids:

By removing the old skin cells, your Ageless Aesthetics and Salt Lounge specialist reveals healthy, bright skin. The controlled damage of a chemical peel also stimulates your skin to heal itself by producing new collagen and elastin. Collagen remodeling makes your skin healthier, more elastic, and better able to retain moisture.

Get rid of fine lines

If the skin on your face, neck, decolletage, or hands looks slightly crepey, dry, or is marred by fine lines and wrinkles, we may recommend a light chemical peel. Light peels are sometimes called lunchtime peels because they only take about 30 minutes and you can reapply your makeup directly afterward.

You may feel a slight tingling sensation as the acids gently release your old, dead cells from the surface of your skin (epidermis). Afterward, your skin may be slightly pink or look sunburned for about three to five days. To keep your skin bright and healthy, your aesthetician may recommend monthly light peels.

Smooth away brown spots and wrinkles

When the sun’s UVA and UVB rays have caused alterations in your skin pigment, such as brown spots and actinic keratoses, we may recommend a medium peel. Your aesthetics expert first applies a numbing cream to your skin to keep you comfortable during your procedure.

Your skin may be red for up to two weeks after a medium peel and may also flake or peel. Your aesthetician usually recommends a series of three to six monthly medium peels until your brown spots and wrinkles are gone. You can then switch to a light monthly peel to maintain your glow.

Remedy tired looking, sagging skin

A deep chemical peel may be your best choice if you have severe sun damage with deep creasing and wrinkling and multiple areas of hyperpigmentation. The effects of a deep peel are similar to those of laser therapy, as both reach down to the deepest layers of your skin to stimulate collagen remodeling.

If you’re a candidate for a deep peel, your Ageless Aesthetic and Salt Lounge professional may recommend skin rejuvenation with a laser as an alternative or suggest a combination of peels and laser treatments.

Protect, protect, protect

Whether you receive a light peel, medium peel, or a deep peel, your healthy, glowing new skin needs extra protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Use broad-spectrum sun protection, such as those offered by SkinCeuticals, after your treatment session. Carry your sunscreen with you so you don’t forget to reapply it regularly.

Repair and protect your skin from sun damage by booking a chemical peel at Ageless Aesthetics and Salt Lounge. Call us today or use our online booking form to remedy those blemishes and show off your best skin.

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