How Juvederm Can Help You Achieve Plumper Fuller Lips

Your lips are one of the first things people notice about you, and when they’re soft, full and luscious, you make a much different impression than you do if your lips are thin and “pinched.” Unfortunately, even if you’re born with full lips, as you get older, that fullness tends to dissipate, leaving you with a smile that looks less friendly, less attractive and just plain worn out. Fortunately, at Ageless Aesthetics and Salt Lounge, we help women and men get fuller, more luscious-looking lips with Juvederm® injections, designed to plump lips and help them stay plump longer. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is a great time to learn more about Juvederm injections and how they can help you get more attractive, more kissable lips.

Here’s what makes your lips look thin

When we’re young, our lips and skin are full of collagen, a protein fiber that forms strong networks to help your skin and lips look and feel firm yet soft. As we get older, our bodies produce less collagen, and that means our lips can start to look a lot thinner. Declining levels of collagen can also contribute to tiny lines above the upper lip (sometimes called “lipstick lines”) that form as a result of years of facial expressions.

At the same time, our skin starts to lose its ability to retain moisture. Years of sun damage, stress and illness can also combine to make our lips look thinner and more worn out. And, of course, your genes play a role too. After all, not everyone is born with a naturally pouty smile. In order to get that fuller, more youthful look, we need a treatment that works “from the inside-out.”

What is Juvederm, and how does it work?

Juvederm is an injectable solution that contains a substance called hyaluronic acid or HA. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in your body, and it helps your skin attract and retain moisture. Just like with collagen, we produce a lot more HA when we’re young and a lot less when we get older. That leaves our lips and our skin less hydrated and less naturally “plump.” Because it contains high levels of HA, Juvederm helps your lips stay fuller for a longer period of time compared to filler products that don’t use HA or that have lower concentrations of the acid. Once injected, that HA goes to work to provide initial plumpness and to attract moisture over time, so your lips keep looking and feeling more luscious. Plus, because Juvederm’s formulation is especially smooth, you won’t have to worry about unevenness or “lumpy” areas in your lips once your treatment is complete. The HA formula is designed to spread throughout the lip area for natural-looking plumpness that improves the entire lip area. 

Juvederm treatment takes less than 20 minutes, so you can fit your session into your schedule no matter how busy and crowded it is. During your treatment, Juvederm is injected into specific areas of your lips to create optimal fullness based on your lip shape and anatomy. The Juvederm solution contains lidocaine, a topical anesthetic that gently numbs the area to reduce any discomfort associated with the injections. Plus, Juvederm uses a very thin needle to help make treatment even more comfortable. Of course, if you’re nervous about the treatment or if your lips are especially sensitive, we might use additional topical anesthetic or ice to help numb your lips prior to your injections as well.

Lipstick lines too

Of course, if you really want your lips to look their best, you’ll probably want to treat those tiny lipstick lines too. The good news: Juvederm is also effective in filling in those tiny, stubborn “pucker” lines so your entire lip area looks refreshed and rejuvenated. Juvederm injections can also help stimulate natural collagen production, forming a firm foundation for your lip area so it stays looking great long after your treatment is complete.

Juvederm doesn’t just improve the way your lips look. It also improves your self-confidence and your overall appearance too. Injection results last up to 12 months, and touch-up treatments can help you maintain those results indefinitely. To learn more about Juvederm treatments at Ageless Aesthetics and Salt Lounge or to schedule a treatment session, book an appointment online today.

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