Got Seasonal Allergies? Salt Therapy Can Help

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Seasonal allergies are a common complaint among people of all ages, causing itching, sneezing, stuffy nose and other symptoms. A variety of treatments can help with seasonal allergies, from taking antihistamines to staying indoors during the worst parts of the season. However, you may find that alternative treatments are effective as well. Many patients find that salt therapy can reduce the symptoms of allergies.

What is salt therapy?

Salt therapy, which is also known as “halotherapy,” is an alternative treatment that involves breathing in microscopic salt particles for therapeutic purposes. During a salt therapy session, you will simply sit and relax while you breathe in salt particles in aerosol form for 45 minutes. You’ll find the salt lounge at Ageless Aesthetics and Salt Lounge relaxing, clean, and quiet.

How salt therapy helps with allergies

Salt therapy offers several benefits that may improve the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Some of these benefits include:

1. Better airflow 

When breathed in, salt particles break up clogs of mucus and add humidity to your nasal passages and other airways, which allows the air to flow through more freely. As people with seasonal allergies tend to have more mucus in their airways, this benefit of salt therapy can be particularly helpful. 

2. Less inflammation 

Salt therapy can reduce inflammation in your airways, which is a hallmark symptom of seasonal allergies. With less inflammation, you will be able to breathe easier and won't notice your allergies as much. This can help relieve a current allergy attack, as well as make future allergy attacks less severe. 

3. Less discomfort

The reduction of mucus in your airways leads to less discomfort related to seasonal allergies. You won't feel like your airways are as full when exposed to allergens, nor will you notice as much itching because of your allergies. 

4. Removal of allergy triggers

Salt therapy has a cleansing effect, removing allergy triggers from your airways. With these allergy triggers cleaned out, you won't experience as many symptoms. 

These are just a few of the ways in which salt therapy can improve the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Salt therapy can help people with other conditions as well, such as asthma, poor lung function, and other respiratory complaints. If you have a chronic condition, we recommend you take salt therapy at least twice a week for the first six to eight weeks, in order to really reap the benefits.

If you are interested in salt therapy for seasonal allergy treatment, please contact Ageless Aesthetics and Salt Lounge today to learn more. You can also book an appointment for salt therapy using our online booking tool.

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